We all have bad days on our road to fitness. Days when you stay in bed instead of getting up early and go to the gym. Days when you just buy a sandwich instead of meal prepping. Days when you just go and sit in the sauna for an hour instead of working out. I still sweated, so it’s the same, right?!?

Everybody has bad days, so don’t beat yourself up about it. We’re not robots. The key is accepting the fact that we are not perfect and moving on from that bad day and making tomorrow a better day.

So many people just say “well, I may as well just right this week of and start again next week”. Instead you should be saying “OK, so I didn’t stick to my food plan today, but I’m not going to let that destroy my motivation, I’m going to get back on it tomorrow”. One bad day won’t halt your progress, but a bad week can knock you back a long way.

One missed workout and one pizza will not diminish all your hard work, but 7 missed workouts, 3 nights of pizza, 2 nights of Chinese and 2 nights of binge drinking and a kebab, will make a big dent in your progress.

A cheat meal is actually a really important part of any fitness journey. Knowing that you can have that giant burger Saturday night, keeps you sane when you’re tucking into your chicken and broccoli for lunch…….for the 4th day in a row! But remember to only have your cheat meal once every 7-10 days and only if you know that you’ve earned it!

So enjoy your cheat days, and don’t beat yourself up if you skipped the gym and just chilled at home with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Enjoy those moments and get ready to smash it tomorrow.