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Is Supplementation Necessary

This is a big debate in the health and fitness world. Some believe that you should get all your micronutrients from food, others will argue that it is inevitable that you will need to supplement to some extent. In this blog, I will give you my opinion on this argument. Now, In an ideal world, [...]

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Good days and bad days

We all have bad days on our road to fitness. Days when you stay in bed instead of getting up early and go to the gym. Days when you just buy a sandwich instead of meal prepping. Days when you just go and sit in the sauna for an hour instead of working out. I [...]

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The Most Important Task Of The Week

If you're serious about your training, you need to be serious about your diet to. This is why the most important task of your week needs to be meal prep. the old saying "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" could not ring truer than when it comes to nutrition. Wether your goal is to [...]

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The Importance Of Keeping A Food Diary

Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, increase muscle, or just improve your general wellbeing, keeping a food diary could make the difference in you hitting those goals or not. Keeping a detailed food diary has many benefits. Firstly it will help you hit your calorie or macronutrient target for the day. When you write down everything [...]

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Its Thats Time Of Year Again!

It's that time of year again. The time of year when New Years resolutions slip to the back of our minds and we slowly creep back into our bad habits. Losing weight and getting fit is the number 1 New Years resolution on most people's lists. But for the vast majority of people, they never [...]

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